(41 customer reviews)

Bandini 2508 | Black Rubber Watch Band for Casio & Timex Sports Watches

$11.99 USD

Bandini 2508 | Black Rubber Watch Band for Casio & Timex Sports Watches

(41 customer reviews)

$11.99 USD


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  • GENDER: Unisex (Mens or Womens)
  • BAND STYLE: Rubber Sports Watch Band
  • AVAILABLE SIZES: Compatible with any traditional watch or smart watch that uses 18mm, 20mm spring bars.
  • MATERIAL: Rubber / Resin
  • DIMENSIONS: See Size Chart
  • INSTALLATION: Easy to install, Watch band fits watch models that attach to the watch band with 2 standard spring bar pushpins. (2 Spring Bars Included)
  • INCLUDED: 1 Watch Band and 2 spring bar pushpins

Mens, Womens


18mm, 20mm







Buckle Color


Band Style

PVC, Rubber, Sports Watch Band

Size (Band Width) Buckle Width Total Length Band Thickness
7.87 inches
0.1 inches
7.87 inches
0.1 inches

41 reviews for Bandini 2508 | Black Rubber Watch Band for Casio & Timex Sports Watches


    Cinq étoiles dorées facilement !. Bon, beau et solide ! Il fit parfaitement sur ma Casio ! Merci…

  2. William Rainey

    Shoptictoc performs. Perfect fit. This purchase saved me from buying another watch lol

  3. ASC

    Exceptional product. Great bang for the buck

  4. Nick Chak

    This strap is a perfect match for my watch. I’m finally able to wear my wrist watch again on my swimming exercises; your rubber strap fitted perfectly as a new replacement for my watch.

  5. Ri

    Perfect price and fit. Perfect price and fit

  6. Rudy M

    Incorrect width of band and pins.. The band width they sent me was incorrect (22mm) and therefore not useable with the watch I intended to replace. Otherwise, the band had decent construction for the price and I kept it for another Watch.

  7. Gregory

    Looks alright, not that great. Exactly the size I wanted and the band does the job, but it doesn’t look that great

  8. Sonamou

    Fits flawlessly. Used it on a Casio Sports watch and it fits flawlessly

  9. Charlotte Sanders

    Came on time . nothing to say, my watch

  10. Linda Toca

    This band is better than the original . Exactly what I was looking for

  11. Rockface

    Worth the price.. The rubber watch strap worked well for my watch. It’s a bit stiff but will probably flex more over time. Well worth the price.

  12. Guy Lesage

    La largeur du bracelet. le produit correspond à la demande pour une montre casio

  13. Yves Lessard

    Bon produit de remplacement pour bracelet Timex. Qualité comparable au produit Timex original.

  14. Chilli Larry

    Inexpensive fix. It was not an easy fix, but a inexpensive one. My hands seemed too large to work with the pins and there were some frustrating moments, but I finally accomplished it.

  15. wallace stewart

    Strap rubber. Perfect fit for me

  16. James Burton

    Steel latch, not plastic. My other band only had a plastic latch so this one is better.

  17. Saunders

    Not the size I wanted. The band looks good but it’s too big for my Casio F-91W…so basically not the size I wanted.

  18. Dan Frapp

    Priced well. delivered quicker than expected and in good condition.

  19. Ken

    Solid well-made band with a great quality. Happy with the purchase.

  20. Jean-Pierre

    Match parfait pour ma Casio AE-20W (18mm/22mm). Acheté pour une montre Casio AE-20W. J’aurais aimé en trouver un avec les petits supports arrières qui tiennent le boîtier et le bracelet alignés, tout comme le bracelet original, mais c’est difficile à trouver.Néanmoins, le bracelet a la bonne taille “lug” et boîtier (18mm/22mm pour ma Casio), ce qui fait en sorte qu’il s’harmonise très bien avec la montre. Le tout venait avec les pins, ce qui m’a évité de faire 2 commandes différentes.L’expédition s’est fait rapidement et même si on ne peut pas suivre le colis au Québec (Postes Canada régulière), la livraison s’est fait très rapidement. Une enveloppe régulière a été utilisée et elle était doublement cachetée via un ruban supplémentaire; heureusement car une des pins s’était échappée du mini-sac “zip lock” et je l’ai retrouvée dans le fond de l’enveloppe.Le bracelet est confortable et suffisamment mou. Il est très bien fait et de bonne qualité. Le vendeur a répondu très rapidement à mes questions.

  21. Client Kindle

    Réparation. Pas là bonne grandeur

  22. Larry S.

    This saved me a lot of money. I swapped the bands myself, great product

  23. Guy Prudhomme

    Bandini Bracelet de montre de sport en caoutchouc noir. recu aujourd`hui le 10 juillet 2020 comme prevu a 13h00

  24. Frank Sannuto

    Shipping time leaves a lot to be desired. I really like the product, it’s great. It arrived by the promised date but I don’t understand why it took twelve days to travel a distance of around 350 miles within the same country.

  25. Shakesphere Gonzales

    Good product, thanks. I like it

  26. Armand Savaria

    x. x

  27. Wilf Burke

    Rubber satch strap – fits well and looks good. No complaints. The product met my expectations and it arrived on time.

  28. Alia Dickinson

    Pretty good replacement strap. Fairly priced replacement strap. I have an old digital watch that I needed a strap for. Found this, from a retailer from Canada, which is good. Does the job just fine.

  29. Guy

    So-so packaging. Good strap but the pins are loose in a shipping envelope.

  30. jayde

    Watch band. Awesome band! Super easy to install and is really durable! I’m hard on my hands and it has lasted! I will definitely buy this one again

  31. gaetan fradette

    bracelet. excellent produit merci

  32. Megan

    Does not look like the original Timex Expedition band.. Band not as thick as Timex band and tapers to a much narrower look as well. Does fit the watch though and will serve its purpose, just not as robust looking.

  33. David Ferguson

    Some things can be repaired!. Help save the environment by not throwing out a perfectly good $25 watch just because the strap wore out. These folks have replacement straps that brick and mortar stores don’t want to sell … because without the strap, you’ll need to buy another watch.

  34. chase

    Excellent product. The pins could be a little thicker but the rubber band is excellent and easy to replace.

  35. alain letendre

    Conforme. Parfait

  36. Proulx R.

    J’ai utilisé vieilles “pines” légèrement plus courtes. Montre casio

  37. Senior

    Excellent replacement rubber watch band.. My watch was still working but I broke the plastic buckle on the band that I had purchased from a large retailer a long time ago. I returned to that retailer only to discover that they no longer sell replacement bands! Luckily I found this online store. Not only was it the right size but it came with a metal buckle. The package arrived 3 days ahead of the earliest expected date, with a quality band inside. I recommend this product and this supplier.


    Very nice quality and long strap length for larger wrists. Replaced my short length casio strap with a longer and thicker band. All is good.

  39. J. fuentes

    Soft and easy texture. I have three identical casios and I love them but the band straps are done. So I bought yours (after waisting my time in Malls with straps. Great product!

  40. DC

    Rubber Watch Band. A fine product

  41. Nicolas Kent

    Good product for my watch. My watch looks new again

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