Step 1: Locate the indicator arrows behind the band

Look on the back of the band for arrows which show the direction in which the pins will push out. If there are no arrows, locate the pin holes that are positioned on the side of the removable links. All links with arrows or pin holes can be removed. You will want to push the pins through in the direction that the arrows are pointing.

Step 2: Position the watch band

Lay the watch strap on the link removal tool (backside up so the arrows are showing). Make sure that the arrows are pointing away from the pin pusher and place the pin pusher on the small pin hole found on the side of the link

Step 3: Push Out the Pin

Once the watch strap is in place, rotate the handle clockwise to bring the pusher forward and into the pin hole. Keep rotating the handle until the pin pushes out the other side

Step 4: Remove the Pin

Once the pin is pushed out enough, remove the band from the link removal tool. Grip the pin between your fingers and pull it out until it has been completely removed. Remove the unneeded links

Step 5: Reconnect the Band

Once the desired number of links have been removed, you will need to reconnect the band. To do this, hold the links together and put the pin back into its place with your fingers. 

Step 6: Press Pin Back Firmly

At this point, if the pin is sticking out, press the pin back in by pushing it against the inside of the removal tool. Finally, use the link removal tool to push the remainder of the pin securely back into place.

Step 7: Final Product

You now have an adjusted metal watch band. Please make sure to keep all removed links and pins in case you need to add them back.

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