In this guide, we will demonstrate how to adjust the length of our mesh watch strap with double fold-over clasps, such as the fine mesh watch band (shown in the pictures below). We recommend using a spring bar tool for this process; however, you may also use a small screwdriver, a safety pin, or any small flat object.

Step 1: Lay the mesh watch band flat on a hard surface with the clasp facing up

Step 2: Lift open the top clasp by using your fingernail

Step 3: Open the second clasp and unhook it to split the watch band in two

Step 4: At this point, the inner latch is exposed. To unlock this inner latch, firmly hold down on the band for stability, and insert a small flathead screwdriver or any small flat object in the slot located on the latch, apply pressure backwards

Step 5: Once the latch is unlocked, you can slide the clasp upward or downward to the desired length

Step 6: Once you find the desired length, close the inner latch that you just opened and press down until it snaps into place. The length of your watch band is now adjusted. 

Step 7: To reassemble, hook the clasp (found on the short side of the watch strap) to the bar found on the longer side strap and press down until it snaps into place. 

Step 8: Fold over the top clasp. You now have a band that is the right size for your wrist

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