(18 customer reviews)

Bandini EX260 | Expansion Watch Band, Metal Stretch Strap, Comes in Black, Silver, Gold and Two-Tone

$16.95 USD$24.95 USD

Bandini EX260 | Expansion Watch Band, Metal Stretch Strap, Comes in Black, Silver, Gold and Two-Tone

(18 customer reviews)

$16.95 USD$24.95 USD


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  • GENDER: Unisex (Mens or Womens)
  • BAND STYLE: Metal Expansion Stretch Watch Band
  • AVAILABLE SIZES: Compatible with any traditional watch or smart watch that uses 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 24mm spring bars.
  • AVAILABLE COLORS: Black, Gold, Silver, Silver / Gold
  • BUCKLE COLORS: No Buckle
  • AVAILABLE LENGTHS: Standard, Extra Long
  • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • DIMENSIONS: See Size Chart
  • INSTALLATION: Easy to install, Watch band fits watch models that attach to the watch band with 2 standard spring bar pushpins. (2 Spring Bars Included)
  • INCLUDED: 1 Watch Band and 2 spring bar pushpins

Mens, Womens


12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 24mm


Black, Gold, Silver, Silver / Gold


Extra Long, Standard


Stainless Steel

Band Style

Expansion Watch Band, Metal

Size (Band Width) Wrist Size (Shortest) Wrist Size (Largest) Band Thickness
6.3 inches
9.45 inches
0.13 inches
6.3 inches
9.45 inches
0.13 inches
6.3 inches
9.45 inches
0.13 inches
6.69 inches
10.63 inches
0.13 inches
6.69 inches
10.63 inches
0.13 inches
6.69 inches
10.63 inches
0.13 inches
6.69 inches
10.63 inches
0.13 inches
6.69 inches
10.63 inches
0.13 inches

18 reviews for Bandini EX260 | Expansion Watch Band, Metal Stretch Strap, Comes in Black, Silver, Gold and Two-Tone

  1. Kathy Morgan

    Look really good and not too difficult to remove links . A beautifull, flexible, metal stretch band that I bought for my husband. Be sure to measure your watch carefully before you purchase to get the correct width, because the width can’t be changed. The band was too long, which is a good thing because you can remove links to get the length you need. *I consider it important for my husband to have a good, flexible metal stretch band for safety reasons. He is active and works around equipment. I have known of men to loose a finger because a ring caught on something or injure their hand or arm because a watch band got caught. A solid band with clasp doesn’t allow the hand to escape; a stretch metal band will either pull off or break before causing serious injury.* Okay, there were no instructions with the watch for shortening the band, so in case you need to remove links and don’t immediately see how to do it: Look carefully at the edge of the band, and you’ll see pairs of bent wires going from front to back. Using tweezers or very small needle-nose plyers, pull out one of those wires. Save it for re-use. You’ll need to do this on both edges to release that link. If you need to remove for instance 5 links, count over 5 and remove the wires for that link. Now close the gap by reinserting one of the wires on each side of the gap.

  2. Allan Lavallee

    Will require an adjustment.. Watchband was as advertised. It was 3/4 inch too long and required resizing which is not difficult if you are reasonably handy. I was very happy with the band once that was done

  3. Tony Antico

    A special tool is needed to remove links. I ordered the 12MM for my wife but the watch band is too large for her. It’s a very attractive watch band. We took the watch band to a watch repair shop and two jewelers to have the links removed. band and none of them had this tool. This was a major disappointment. I am sending the watchband back tomorrow and requesting a refund. This information should be disclosed on the website for the watchband before it is purchased.

  4. Recien Jubilado


  5. Maggie

    High Quality Stretchy Watch Band. I’m so happy with this stretch watchband! My wrist is 7-1/2″ & my watch face measures 1-1/8′ from *spring to spring*. The watchband fits perfectly, nice & loose without using up any of the “stretch” which is excellent because there’s lots of “stretch” left to slide it up my arm to keep it from getting wet when I wash my hands, etc. And there’s lots of stretch left to slide easily off my rather large “man hands” (I’m a woman but I have really large hands).This is obviously a very sturdy & well made watchband, much better than the one which originally came with my watch. It’s hard to find narrower watchbands , suitable for casual women’s watches, which fit larger wrists comfortably so I’m very happy I found this ……..I love it!!!!

  6. Allen Dew

    Great stretchy watch band.. The watch band I ordered was exactly what I hoped for. My older band broke and I needed a new one ASAP. It’s difficult to find watch band these days. I ordered this band and hoped it would fit just like my old one. The band was shipped very quickly and came within a few days. It fits perfectly and looks just like my old band. I’m very pleased with the quick service. And the price was better than anything else I found.

  7. Hezza

    Great stretch watch band, may be difficult to resize.. Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This band is a great option for the Orient Bambino. I’m very happy to come across this product, as 21mm straps are quite uncommon, making it difficult to find a nice band in this size, let alone a metal one! When properly sized, this won’t pull any arm hairs once it’s on. I’ve taken a star off because of the complexity of the resizing procedure and lack of tools or instructions to help you through it. Despite that, if you’re patient and meticulous, you can certainly do it yourself! I recommend a sturdy pair of tweezers or very small needle nose pliers. All that is required to resize is to pull out the pins off the sides of the bracelet and put them back in place once the right amount of links has been removed. Stretching the bracelet out while you pull out the pins also helps.

  8. Shropshire_lass

    Good quality watch bands. Very easy to adjust the size yourself on these straps. Come from the US but do not take too long for delivery. Ordered one to begin with, was so impressed ordered more to sort my watches out.

  9. Carolynn

    Nice stretch watch band. Husband loves it. Nice gold colour tone.

  10. Harold Yellowlees

    Received promptly and as described . Perfect for my needs

  11. Wise shopper

    Nice stretch band!. I needed a new wristband for my Indiglo watch. It is very hard to find watch bands that aren’t the price of a new watch and that fit my small wrist.The only downfall was the length; it is slightly too long and I knew that when I bought it. Still, I was able to get some links removed so now it fits perfectly.

  12. David Mackes

    Fits a large wrist.. Nothing not to like about it

  13. Donnie Alonzo

    Great custom fit stretch watch band! DIYers check this review for sizing tips/tutorial. I’ll start this off by saying this is my first day using this watch band/strap and I’ll have to update down the line with some info on how it holds up to daily wear and tear. It looks great and wears on the wrist fantastically once fitted properly. The materials feel sturdy, the elasticity (it isn’t actually elastic but entirely made of metal components for those new to this style of watch band) keeps a snug yet comfortable fit when sized correctly and the anodized finish seems well made to stand up to some reasonable wear and tear. The band can be washed gently with soap and water too, so long as you take care to stretch it over a dry cloth to remove entrapped water (this isn’t entirely necessary but will likely keep bacteria from growing inside over time). The main issue is fitting and actually getting it onto a watch. I fitted mine to a Galaxy Watch Active 2 and not only was it difficult to get on but it’ll be quite hard to remove due to the included pins not having a quick release tab (and other pins with quick release tabs I had on hand wouldn’t fit the pin housing). Removing this band, once you get it on, may be difficult but should be doable by using the same tweezers you’ll be using to size it properly. There are small grooves on the pin that you can grip with the tweezers to push the pin down and pop the band off. Tedious for sure but the band is so nice that I probably won’t be removing it so long as the anodized finish holds up well.Below are instructions for those who want to try this on their own (a jeweler should be able to do this for you for a reasonable fee):I’ve included a few pictures that should help visually explain how this process works if you plan on doing this yourself. Chances are, you’ll probably need to remove a few (or if you have thin wrists like myself, many) links from the band. They must be removed in pairs, though what i mean by this may not be obvious until you get them apart. Each outter link is interlocked into another inner link. So however many you remove must be even so that when you go to link them back up, an inner link on one end is being connected to an outer link on the other or they won’t be able to be linked by the pins.When removing the pins, use tweezers like those in the picture to grab onto the area of the pin I marked with the arrow (or right where they are held in the picture of the pin itself). 1/3 or so from either the end of the pin is the best area to try to get the tweezers into as it will be difficult to wedge the tweezers into the middle of the pin. Even at this spot, you’ll probably have to pull the links outstretched to get underneath the pin and wiggle the tweezers in. Just be careful and the pins won’t bend too much. Once firmly underneath the pin, pull away from the link perpendicular to the band and it should pop out. Repeat on the other side as there are two pins for each pair of links.You’ll have to remove two more pins further down the band in the same way to tank a group of links out. The number of links you go for is up to your estimate on sizing. I did this process 3 times, taking a large chunk of them out the first time then 2 before settling on another 2 for a slightly more snug fit. If your first estimate is good enough, you may only need to do this once but its better to remove less and repeat than try to add links back on since you may damage links during this process. If you do, they’ll be ones you’re removing and this won’t matter. Removing too many while damaging them will require you to piece the band together by salvaging good links from the part you took off the first time.When combining links, you’ll want to adjust the pin (it’ll probably get slightly bent when removing) back to the shape it was. It should be shaped like a U with 90° angles. Too obtuse/wide and the pin won’t fit, too acute/closed and the pin may not hold well. The picture shows roughly how it should be shaped. Once both pins are back in place, they’ll most likely be jutting out a little. To finish things off and get them into place as they were originally, just place the pin facing downward onto a flat surface (like near the edge of a table so the wider parts of the band’s ends can hang off and out of the way) and press the opposite side into the surface. The final image can give an idea on how to position and do this. Flip the band over and repeat for the other pin to get a smooth and finished edge all the way along your new watch band!Good luck ahead of time! After you’ve done the process, you’ll probably be capable and confident to do it again but the first time is quite tedious. Just be sure to work on a clean surface and, if possible not over any thick carpeting or anywhere these retainer pins could be difficult to find as they definitely can go flying when removing them!

  14. Donna Nicholl

    This is a timeless replacement watch band. Being gold and silver in color it matches a watch of those two colors and makes it look high class. Be careful when you install the pins furnished with this band because they are easily dropped and lost. Install the replacement in a clean area so you can find the pin if you drop it. I used my kitchen table with ceramic floors and good over head lightning to replace my old broken band.

  15. Theatredog

    Tight link expansion band that doesn’t pinch.. A nice looking flexible bracelet that is fairly easy to size to your wrist. The links are tight together with no gaps to pinch. Will probably look at other styles and finishes to compliment some of my vintage 1950’s-60’s watches.

  16. Dennis Streisel

    came quickly and the band fit my watch perfectly!. came quickly and the band fit my watch perfectly!

  17. Donna Kennedy


  18. Allison Lambert

    Looks great and makes it easier to wear my new watch. I got a new watch but the strap was too tight, this is so much better and looks classy

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